New Ways to Identify Technology Consumers
Sep 18, 2006
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Marketing concepts such as the youth market and baby boomers are redundant in a world of connected digital lifestyles, according to research from the Digital Consumer Practice at Strategy Analytics. In a new report, Goodbye Youth, Hello Technosumers: Effective Segmentation For The Digital Connected Lifestyle, the market research firm identifies six distinct Connected Consumer market segments, ranging from Affluent Technostyles to Practical Mainstreamers and provides in-depth profiles of each group according to the group's adoption of and interest in digital products and services.

The research is said to represent new insights on why some consumers are both late technology adopters and heavy Internet users; and why people from different age and income groups can behave in exactly the same way.

Noteworthy findings, according to Strategy Analytics:

  • Prudent Nesters are late adopters but view the Internet as a vital communications tool.
  • Connected Aspirers have the strongest interest in technology but only adopt products at an average rate.
  • Affluent Technostyles, while making up only 10 percent of households, have twice the ownership and usage rates for many digital products compared with the average consumer.
  • Technosumers own many digital products but have little interest in the Internet.

    "Companies that pigeonhole consumers according to age and income fail to understand the subtleties that determine their customers' behavior," says David Mercer, vice resident, Digital Consumer Practice. "New segmentation approaches that take into account the strategic role of consumer attitudes and behavior towards the web are critical for businesses wishing to maximize their growth and profit potential."

    "Our segmentation approach clearly resolves significant differences in buying behavior for technology products, usage behaviors for web-based services, and approaches for incorporating consumer technology in the home," said report author Harvey Cohen, president of Strategy Analytics.

    The segmentation research is based on a survey of 2000 Internet users across 8 countries in Europe and the US.

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