Samsung Announces Improvements to Blu-ray Player
Sep 15, 2006
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Samsung Corp's Samsung America Inc. said it would make some improvements to its Blu-ray high-definition DVD players ahead of the holiday season, according to Reuters. The production line improvement will include a modified setting for the noise filter reduction circuit that will provide a slightly sharper picture, the company said.

Hollywood is currently split between two camps backing competing high-definition DVD standards. One is Sony Corp.-backed Blu-ray and the other is Toshiba Corp.-championed HD-DVD. Since Samsung rolled out the first Blu-ray player in late June, priced at U.S. $1,000, Blu-ray has faced complaints of subpar picture quality on discs and other technical issues.

The Blu-ray consortium has long said it would launch with interactive features built on Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Java software. According to Reuters, Samsung said the improvements would include adding Java title compatibility to coincide with the launch of BD Java titles being released this fall.

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