LG.Philips LCD Develops TFT-LCD Panel for Mobile Phones
Sep 14, 2006
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LG.Philips LCD, a leading innovator of thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) technology, announced that it has developed the industry's first TFT-LCD panel for next-generation mobile phones.

This 2-inch LCD panel has a faster response time than existing mobile phone displays, allowing it to play back sharp high-quality video from next-generation digital broadcasts and mobile communication technology, including DVB-H and WiBro. The display's 16 ms response time is 36 percent faster than the fastest TFT-LCD panels currently used for mobile phones.

Most TFT-LCD panels used in phones today have response times of 25 ms, causing afterimages and ghosting, which reduce the picture quality for high-definition video. However, the high-speed response LCD panel developed by the company shows videos clearly and without any afterimages.

To create high-speed displays that meet the low power consumption requirements of mobile phones, the company developed different technology than is used in its large-area panels. This product boasts a response time similar to LCD panels for notebook computers and is also easy to mass produce.

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