NARI Launches Pilot of Green Remodeling Program
Sep 13, 2006
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The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) launched the pilot of its brand new Green Remodeling program.

The U.S. remodeling industry has a strong influence on the world’s energy availability and resources. It is said that buildings alone consume 40% of the earth’s total energy, 25% of its forests, and 16% of its water resources. Green remodeling uses fewer natural resources and helps to alleviate this pressure on the environment.

Aside from energy conservation and efficiency, green remodeling addresses the ever-important issue of air quality, as often, the air inside is ten times worse than it is outside, even on the smoggiest day. Air quality is critical because according to the EPA, people spend as much as 90% of their time indoors. Children, the elderly, and the chronically ill (especially with respiratory or cardiovascular disease) are most susceptible to the effects of indoor air pollutants, especially if they are exposed to it for extensive periods of time.

NARI President Everett Collier, CR stated, "Green remodeling is beneficial because it results in lower operating costs for the home, increased comfort and resale value, healthier living, less maintenance and higher durability." This concept appeals to homeowners, 46 percent of whom say they would be eager to incorporate green principles into their homes, according to a survey by Reed Residential Group, especially if it would save them money. Based on this growing interest, Collier says, "Remodelers are increasingly exploring green remodeling principles for their overall value for their clients and for the sake of the environment."

NARI’s Green Remodeling course is designed to provide remodelers with a solid foundation in Green Remodeling and allow them to start practicing immediately. "If a remodeling contractor seeks to develop knowledge and skill in the area of green remodeling," says the Chair of the Green Education Sub-Committee, Chris Donatelli, CR, CKBR, "the CRGP will help realize those goals. This program thoroughly educates the contractor who desires to focus on environmentally friendly remodels."

The course will consist of 15 topics related to green and sustainable remodeling including:

Basic Building Science
Indoor Environmental Quality
Renewable Energy
Exterior Finishes
Interior Materials and Finishes
Marketing a green remodeling business

To learn more about the Green Remodeling program, or to enroll, call NARI Headquarters at 800/611-6274 and ask for Dan Taddei or Andrea Kaplan.

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