Home Networks Big in China's "Top-Tier" Cities
Sep 5, 2006
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As many as one in five urban household respondents to a recent In-Stat survey from top-tier Chinese cities said their home is equipped with a home network. Not surprisingly, more home networking players are getting into the market.

"The China home networking market has passed the difficult initial stages and has begun to take off," said Rebecca Tan, an analyst for the market research firm. "Although the situation is still a bit less optimistic in the second-tier cities, around one-fourth of total respondents to our survey may install a home network within 1 year."

Those Chinese respondents most interested in home networks are young, with a relatively high monthly income, In-Stat reports. Entertainment is the main reason they want the home network.

What are missing in China's digital home ecosystem are independent service providers to provide home networking integration services. These are needed to more quickly realize market potential, according to the report.

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