Mac-Gray Promotes Pay-Laundry Conservation
Apr 20, 2007
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Pay-laundry management firm Mac-Gray Corporation (Waltham, Massachusetts, U.S.) raised its corporate goal of saving water for its customers from 300 million to 500 million gallons of water each year. In addition, the company hopes to create greater water conservation awareness among college and university students using its systems. "We recently added a new feature to version 3.0 of our LaundryView™ Monitoring System that measures the water saved with our high-efficiency, front-loading washing machines. It provides a reading of the cumulative amount of water saved in each laundry room and for the entire campus," explained Bob Tuttle, chief technology officer for Mac-Gray. The use of top-loading washers reduces the service provider's equipment investment, Tuttle added, but costs customers more for water and utilities. "We wanted students and schools to see actual results and understand the magnitude of the savings that our Energy Star®-rated front-loading washers deliver." "There is a growing focus on sustainability at colleges and universities, but it is surprising how many schools still do not understand the environmental and financial benefits of being a little more green in their laundry room," said Michael Calderaro, vice president of the academic division at Mac-Gray. This may arise, he explained, when the person charged with purchasing laundry equipment is not the same person responsible for managing utility expenses. To help achieve the 500 million gallon water savings goal, the company will launch a campaign to educate property managers and owners on the benefits of installing high-efficiency washers, and will offer qualified buyers rebates of up to $350 per unit on some of its Maytag high-efficiency commercial washers. The program is offered through Mac-Gray's partnership with Whirlpool Corporation.

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