WEF Identifies Latin America Risks
Apr 18, 2007
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The World Economic Forum (Geneva, Switzerland) released its Latin America@Risk report today, emphasizing regional growth uncertainty from factors like external economic shocks, global climate change, political instability, and social inequality.

The report came from the WEF's Forum’s Global Risk Network,  and makes note of the increasing strength and robustness of Latin America’s economies, while exploring key economic, environmental, geopolitical, and societal issues that put that progress at risk. While all four of these issues emerge from the broader global risk environment, the report said regional manifestations present particular challenges for governments, industry, and civil society throughout Latin America.

“Global risks play out uniquely in Latin America, but also differently across the region, which is incredibly diverse,” noted Global Risk Network’s Gareth Shepherd, co-author of the report. “But these four issues – social inequality, political instability, economic vulnerability, and climate change – are on the radar of all of the region’s strategic thinkers.”

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