Arçelik States Progress, Goals for Beko Elektronik
Apr 11, 2007
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Beko Elektronik Company announced its goals and strategies for the future during a conference held at the TV manufacturing factory in Beylikduzu.

Regarding emphasis that Arçelik Company is ambitious in the consumer electronics sector, Aka Gunduz Ozdemir, general director of Arcelik, said, “Recently, one of the main trends in the durable goods sector is that the products of (our) white goods and consumer electronics sector companies support each other. These two sectors act together globally and meet consumers through the same channels. Companies that have both product groups shall have a considerable competitive advantage in the future. Last year we set out to evaluate such potential and we increased our shares in Beko Elektronik Company.”

Stating that the increase of shares in Beko Elektronik is intended for synergy in distribution channels, cost savings, fast paced decision-making, and efficient trademark management, Ozdemir said, “Attempts like taking over the service network of Beko Elektronik A.S. by Arçelik Company last year and unifying data communication technologies under our company have been made by this fact. And we have already started to obtain fruitful result of uniting Arçelik and Beko services into a single body.”

Evaluating the developments in the consumer electronics sector during the meeting, Ozdemir pointed out that Beko leads Europe in the production of LCD TVs, and expressed the intent to dominate this sector, as well as exploit the Turkish IT market.


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