Average UK Home Contains Electronics Worth $7500
Aug 24, 2006
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The value of electronics products in households in the United Kingdom has risen by 3 billion pounds (approx. U.S. $5.6 billion) in 2 years, making equipment within the average house now worth nearly 4,000 pounds (more than $7,500). The estimates come from a new GfK Marketing Services report.

The most valuable room in terms of electronics is the lounge or family room, with an average of more than 1,555 pounds (more than $2,900) worth of electrical products. Across the UK, lounges contain more than 38 billion pounds (more than $70 billion) in electrical products, GfK said, and the amount is growing as British families increase their purchase of flat panel TVs.

Kitchens contain an average of 1,000 pounds (more than $1,800) worth of electronics.

Home offices have more than 550 pounds (more than $1,000) worth of electronics. The value in home offices has been driven up by purchases of laptops and associated products with wireless capability, making the value of electronic products in all UK home offices 13 billion pounds (more than $24 billion).

The single most expensive product in most UK homes is a flat panel TV, costing on average 782 pounds (approx. $1,475).

Multi-room products – like mobile phones, digital cameras and MP3 players - are worth more than 604 pounds (more than $1,100) in an average household or about 15 billions pounds (more than $28 billion) across the UK. GfK said this portable electronics segment grew 12 percent since 2004.

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