Dell Stops Selling Ditty Music Players
Aug 24, 2006
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Dell Inc. has pulled the plug on its DJ Ditty music players, less than a year after the world's largest computer maker launched the device to compete with Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod Shuffle.

The company stopped selling the Ditty on Aug. 17, Dell spokesman Venancio Figueroa said in an AP report.

He declined to characterize the decision as Dell bowing out in the face of competition from market leader Apple. Dell is trying to focus on its core areas of PCs, printers and flat-panel televisions, he said.

Dell unveiled the Ditty last September as a better value than the Shuffle. Both devices store music on flash memory chips.

The Ditty, like the Shuffle, cost U.S. $99 at the time and included 512 megabytes of memory. But because the Dell device used an audio format that compresses digital music files more efficiently, Dell asserted it could hold up to 220 songs — 100 more than the Shuffle. The 512 megabyte Shuffle now retails for $69, with a one-gigabyte model for $99.

The Ditty also included a 1-inch LCD display screen and an FM radio receiver. The Shuffle lacks both features.

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