Alno Wins red dot Design Award with Young Designers' Help
Apr 5, 2007
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The Design Centre North Rhine-Westphalia presented a prestigious red dot design award to Alno AG (Pfullendorf, Germany) for its LongIsland Cooking Table.

The table blends cooking with dining. An integrated cook-top with four burners is installed flush in the fixed stainless steel counter. The sliding tabletop can be moved into any position to the left or right of the counter, making it easy to transform a convenient workspace into a table that seats five. Since the tabletop can be flipped and placed in a variety of positions, it can instantly adapt to new working, living and space situations.

"We are delighted by this enormous achievement. It shows us that our strategy of developing innovative, cutting-edge products is highly successful," said Alno CEO Dr. Frank Gebert. "The award will encourage us to continue forging down this path."

Berthold Müller, an Alno product manager, said it was especially satisfying that the awards went to a product created by Alno with young designers. "We specifically targeted the designers of tomorrow in the cooking tables project," Müller said. "We wanted to give the students a platform for personal and professional development, and a challenging opportunity to grow. Seeing the cooking table win a red dot award is an amazing accomplishment for the young designers, and will make it easier for them to embark on a successful career."

Alno designer Andi Kern worked with Professor Dieter Zimmer at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel and his students, who designed a next-generation cooking table that lets users prepare food, eat meals and spend time together, all at the same place. Alno and the young designers made five of the cooking table designs ready for production and unveiled them in late 2006 at a design event in Hamburg.

The LongIsland will be presented at the red dot design museum in Essen from June 26 through July 23, 2007.

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