Sanyo to Reorganize TV Business
Aug 14, 2006
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Sanyo will transfer its TV business headquarters to its main market North America and form a global management system. In specific terms, the company will change the name of Sanyo Manufacturing Corporation, a TV manufacturing company in North America, to Sanyo TV International Corporation and establish headquarters for Sanyo’s TV business. Under this company will create two business groups, a flat panel TV business for North America and Europe and a CRT TV business for emerging markets.

Sanyo will go forward with these two different strategies. The companies for the TV business in North America and Europe, will be Sanyo Manufacturing Corporation, Sanyo Industries (U.K.) Limited, and the new Sanyo Visual Technology Inc. For the TV business in emerging markets will establish in Hong Kong, Sanyo TV International Asia, and under that will be, Sanyo BPL in India, P.T. Sanyo Electronics Indonesia, and in China, Dongguan Huaquiang Sanyo Electronics Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Huaqiang Sanyo Technology Design Co., Ltd. The establishment of a clear global management structure will lead to quicker decision-making and clarify profit accountability. The company will spin-off development and purchasing operation of its TV business and establish a new company Sanyo Visual Technology Inc. in October 2006.

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