Panasonic Presents New Line of 1080p HD Plasmas
Mar 30, 2007
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Panasonic recently announced its full line of Plasma HDTVs for 2007, including a 42-inch, a 50-inch and 58-inch 1080p high definition model, which join Panasonic's current 65-inch and the world's largest Plasma, the 103-inch, to provide a wide choice of Plasma televisions in the 1080p resolution arena. The full line brings ten new Plasmas to consumers for 2007.

The company expects to address a planned 11.5-million-unit production schedule for 2008, while this year it will provide the consumer with four distinct plasma lines from which to choose. There are two specific model categories under the 1080p umbrella: The TH-58PZ700U, TH-50PZ700U and the TH-42PZ700, and the hold-over current 65-inch and 103-inch Plasmas, which offer a resolution of 1920 x 1080p.
Completing its line of 1080p resolution televisions, Panasonic will later this year introduce two models in the premium PZ750U series, the TH- 50PZ750U and the TH-58PZ750U. The 750 series is distinguished by the inclusion of a Studio Reference Mode, which is said to provide the consumer with the exact color reproduction as seen on the reference monitors used in film editing studios, resulting in the exact colors intended by the film makers. In addition, the Pro Setting Mode allows the consumer to professionally calibrate the set, plus there are three HDMI connections and a black chrome ornament cosmetic.

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