Women's Buying Power Grows in Home Improvement
Mar 29, 2007
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According to an independent consumer survey by Troy-Bilt, a manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, women's buying power is increasing in the home improvement sector, particularly in the outdoor power equipment market.

The survey found that women are influencing 44 percent of all outdoor power equipment purchases—21 percent of all outdoor power equipment is purchased by women and another 23 percent is purchased by men and women together. Outdoor power equipment ranges from trimmers to chain saws and blowers.

The company states that women's purchasing power and decision-making authority have significantly increased over the last decade and manufacturers nationwide are responding with revamped products to fit their needs. The company finds that women consider the following criteria when buying outdoor power equipment:

-- Ease of starting - Avoid aggravation by purchasing products that offer an advanced starting system and take less muscle to get the engines roaring. For example, there are lawn mowers that start with a push of a button and trimmers that have spring-starting assistance that reduces pulling resistance by up to 55 percent.

    -- Weight - Whether you're planting new flowers or treating the lawn for weeds, gardening can be an exhausting task. To ease the pain, manufacturers are introducing smaller or portable versions of their most popular products that are often less than half the weight of their counterparts.

-- Versatility - Research shows women today are multi-taskers and are seeking innovation plus convenience to meet their busy schedules. To meet this demand, many products have
interchangeable parts that allow gardeners to tackle more than one task.

    -- Environmental concerns - Most outdoor power equipment features a two-cycle engine that requires the hassle of mixing oil and gas. Many products are now offering a four-cycle engine. It eliminates the need to mix gas and oil, cuts emissions by 50 percent and offers 30 percent greater fuel efficiency.

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