Whirlpool Introduces Duet Steam Dryer
Mar 20, 2007
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Whirlpool(R) brand launched the Duet(R) steam dryer, designed to deliver the benefits of steam technology that relaxes wrinkles and removes odors inside the dryer.  Using a water line from the washer to spray a fine mist on clothes, water vapor penetrates fabrics to lift out odors and relax wrinkles while drying. For clothes that may not be dirty but need a quick freshening, a Quick Refresh cycle relaxes wrinkles and removes odors in about 15 minutes. For those consumers who tend to leave a load in the dryer long after it has dried, the dryer features the Enhanced Touch-up cycle, which relaxes wrinkles in about 20 minutes.

Another time-saving feature is the dryer's AccelerCare(TM) drying system, which minimizes drying time so that dry time equals wash time.

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