Middleby and TurboChef: Who'll Rule Pizza Expo '07?
Mar 15, 2007
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There is a need for speed in the pizza business, and the pizza oven competition will be intense at International Pizza Expo 2007 in Las Vegas, March 20-22. That's where pizza restaurateurs will get their first look at rival technologies from Middleby and TurboChef. Both of the foodservice equipment makers will show off new conveyor ovens claiming small footprints and pizza cook times of less than 4 minutes.

TurboChef Technologies' HhC3240
TurboChef Technologies' (Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.) patent-pending oven, currently named HhC3240, is designed to deliver pizza cook times of 3-1/2 minutes. It is also said to use about half of the kitchen floor space needed by the closest competing oven.

Developed by the company's team of impingement air and speed cooking engineers, the oven is designed to avoid the energy losses and higher HVAC needs of larger ovens. Cook speed comes from a new and unique air handling configuration and techniques that create a more efficient, “smoother” air flow, TurboChef said. This combines with the unit's engineered nozzle design to yield what the company said is the highest heat transfer rates measured on any conveyor to date.

Middleby Corporation's Three-Minute Mini Wow
The Middleby Corporation (Elgin, Illinois, U.S.), will introduce a new Middleby Marshall oven at Pizza Expo called the Three-Minute Mini Wow! Conveyor Oven. The oven is designed with a space-saving platform that offers a 40-inch bake chamber. It is said to be 35 percent faster and 30 percent more energy-efficient than prior models of this size. Previous Wow! Ovens have claimed pizza cook times as short a2 4-1/2 minutes.

"This oven can cook a pizza in 3 minutes, allowing for the fastest cooking speeds in conveyor oven technology on the market today," said Middleby Chairman and CEO Selim A. Bassoul. "With this new product introduction we continue to disrupt all the benchmarks in conveyorized cooking technology.”

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