Dell and Alienware Offer First Consumer-PC 1 TB Hard Drive
Mar 15, 2007
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Dell and Alienware customers can upgrade their storage space in a big way by adding the world's first hard drive for consumer PCs with a full 1-terabyte (TB) hard drive from Hitachi Global Storage Technologies.

The hard drive is said to provide enough data storage capacity to store a million photos, a million minutes of music, or more than 380 hours of DVD-quality video.

"This type of capability used to be available only to the largest corporations," said Neil Hand, Dell vice president, worldwide consumer marketing consumer product group. “Digital content use is exploding in the consumer market – with this 1 TB hard drive, a lifetime of memories, music and other information can be made, stored and shared with others."

In terms of hard drive space, a gigabyte (GB) means 1 billion bytes of data and a terabyte (TB) equals to a 1 trillion bytes.

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