Electrolux's Hungarian Sales Up 25%
Mar 9, 2007
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Electrolux's business unit in Hungary recorded record 2006 sales and exports, according to Hungarian business journal Vilaggazdasag. Electrolux Hungary showed 2006 sales of 180.9 billion Hungarian Forints (approx. U.S. $949.7 million), attributed mostly to the Nyiregyhaza plant expansion. The journal reported that Electrolux forecasts sales growing to HUF 200 billion (approx. $1.0 billion) in 2007, and that may lead to even more expansion.

The Szabolcs refrigerator plant, fully operational since late in 2006, is also predicted to drive growth in 2007.  The journal said plant capacity, which was 280,000 in 2006, could grow beyond 700,000 units this year.

Output was reported to have risen 7.7 percent at the vacuum cleaner plant in Jaszbereny.

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