PlayStation 3 Production Veiled in Secrecy
Jul 20, 2006
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Media outlets in Taiwan have reported that Taipei's ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS) began production of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) game consoles for Sony Corp. (Tokyo). ASUS responded with a warning of legal action against media outlets that issued untrue reports – but the company would not comment on the reported directly. ASUS, a maker of PCs, monitors, motherboards, and other computer products, said legal action would be taken against media that put ASUS vendor relationships at risk through false reports.

Media reports have indicated that ASUS put a gag order on its employees making PS3 consoles for Sony. Sony has not commented.

It is unclear why there is a shroud of secrecy over PS3 production start-up. Manufacturing start-up very soon is a virtual requirement for Sony to reach its goal capacity of 1 million units per month by November of 2006. Sony announced in March of this year that it will introduce the PlayStation 3 in November and emphasized the scale of the launch, which will be simultaneous in Japan, North America and Europe.

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