Matsushita Expands TV Production and PDP Size
Jul 20, 2006
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Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan) began assembling plasma TV panels (PDP) in Brazil and announced plans to begin assembling LCD TVs in Russia in September. Important components will be brought from Japan to the assembly sites in Russia and Brazil. It will be the first firm making LCDs in Russia, where production is expected to be approximately 50,000 units in 2006 and 250,000 units in 2007.

The BRICs Market
Matsushita President Fumio Ohtsubo, in a statement in the company's annual report, released today, points to the combined market of Brazil, Russia, India and China, the BRICs market, as a key to overseas success. "Overseas operations are expected to serve as a 'growth engine' for the entire Matsushita Group," Ohtsubo states. "Aggregate consumer demand in BRICs markets currently rivals that of Japan, and by 2010 is expected to be comparable to demand levels in the United States and Europe."

World's Largest Plasma TV
Matsushita's Panasonic brand unveiled four models in the PZ600 series VIERA plasma TVs, including a 103-inch model said to be the world's largest. The 1,080p (progressive) high definition (HD) plasma display panels produce pictures at 1,920 by 1,080 pixel resolution. The four models support terrestrial, broadcast satellite and 110-degree CS digital broadcasts in Japan.

The 103-inch model TH-103PZ600 will be built to order with sales scheduled to start Sept. 1 and delivery to start in late September. The 50-inch TH-50PZ600, 58-inch TH-58PZ600 and 65-inch TH-65PZ600 models will be available on the Japanese market on Sept. 1.

The models incorporate the newly developed 1,080p PEAKS (Picture Enhancement Accelerator with Kinetic System) plasma panel, said to achieve blacker blacks and a 4,000:1 contrast in dark surroundings.

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