Syntax-Brillian to Supply Personal Headset Display Technology
Jul 14, 2006
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Consumer electronics maker Syntax-Brillian Corp., entered into a multiyear agreement with Headplay Inc., a Los Angeles, California, U.S.-based company, to supply parts for Headplay's next-generation personal headsets for the consumer electronics market.

The supply agreement is projected to generate a total of U.S. $17 million in revenues to Syntax-Brillian over its term -- including a $1.8 million initial purchase order for Syntax-Brillian's Z86D-3 liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCoS(TM)) microdisplay.

"This agreement is the result of nearly five years of fruitful collaboration with Headplay," said Rainer Kuhn, vice president for custom/pro/OEM sales and product marketing for Syntax-Brillian Corp. "With Headplay, we are confident that we have a partner that not only understands our innovative near-to-eye technology, but understands the market and knows how to develop compelling products that consumers will love."

"Syntax-Brillian is the perfect technology partner for our digital entertainment initiatives," said Glen Ward, co-CEO of Headplay and former CEO of North American Virgin Entertainment Group. "Their innovative LCoS(TM) technology and near-to-eye products integrated into our cutting-edge Personal Cinema System will open up a new world of entertainment."

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