Liebherr First In RoHS Compliance Worldwide
Mar 1, 2007
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Liebherr North America said that all its appliances for North America will be RoHS-compliant as of June 2007. Liebherr NA (Burlington, Ontario, Canada), part of Germany's Liebherr Group, said it will be the first refrigeration manufacturer to be RoHS-compliant worldwide. The announcement came from Liebherr following its participation in the Global Green USA's Oscar® Party to raise awareness for global warming.

Liebherr was also noted as the first refrigeration maker to eliminate CFCs from its products, which occurred in 1993.

RoHS is the name for Restriction of Hazardous Substances mandates, which went into effect in Europe in 2006.  Similar hazardous substances restrictions are being implemented or considered around the world. Such laws are not yet in place across the U.S. and Canada, but Liebherr believes they are inevitable in the coming years.

"Liebherr has found better, greener ways to produce quality products using materials that are less damaging and have less impact on our eco-systems," stated Marc Perez, Vice President, Liebherr North America.  "Liebherr does not want to wait until compliance is mandatory.  We want to take action right now."

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