Skuttle Celebrates 90th Anniversary
Feb 27, 2007
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Skuttle Manufacturing Company is celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2007. The company, based in Marietta, Ohio, U.S. is a maker of whole-house humidifiers and other IAQ products.

The company got its start in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. in 1917 when John L. Skuttle began to pioneer plumbed, central-system humidification for residential applications. Skuttle’s first product was an automatic fill valve to monitor water flow into coal furnace humidifiers. John Skuttle continued to invent humidification and plumbing products, many for in-home use, until Skuttle Manufacturing was purchased by Milton Powers, chief engineer of Timken Furnace Company, in 1935.  In ensuing years the company made products such as the Model 600 Plate Humidifier, Models 45 and 90 Drum Humidifiers, 2000-series Flow-Thru Humidifiers, and 60-Series Steam Humidifiers.

In the 1950s, Skuttle moved operations from Detroit to Milford, Michigan, and in 1977 moved to Marietta, Ohio. In the mid-90s, to clarify its position in the marketplace, Skuttle Manufacturing Company began doing business as Skuttle Indoor Air Quality Products.  

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