Quantum Research Denies Plans to Sue Apple Over iPhone
Feb 27, 2007
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Quantum Research released a statement in response to articles in the press that are inferring that it plans to sue Apple Corp. over the design of the iPhone, announced recently. Quantum, based in Southampton, United Kingdom, said the news releases are incorrect.

"This assumption is based on a misinterpretation of comments made during a press conference regarding our licensing arrangements with STMicroelectronics," Quantum sad in a statement to the press. "Quantum has no knowledge of any infringement by Apple of Quantum's patents in regard to the iPhone or any other product other than those products alleged to be infringing in our 2005 lawsuit against Apple and Cypress Semiconductor, specifically the Powerbook trackpad, Mighty Mouse, and iPod Nano scroll wheel. Until the iPhone product is made available for public sale, we have to make the operating assumption that no Quantum patents have been violated." 

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