Record 6 Million LCD TVs Sold across Asia in 2006
Feb 26, 2007
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According to GfK Asia’s 2006 Year End Pan Asian Consumer Electronics Data Summary, the total size of the TV market in Asia measures at nearly U.S. $22 billion. For the first time, LCD TVs are the largest TV category, equaling 40 percent of the total market value, compared to conventional TVs (39 percent), plasma TVs (18 percent), and rear projection TVs (3 percent). On a volume basis, LCD TVs out-sold plasma TVs four-to-one in 2006. In all, retailers in 13 countries sold more than 50 million TVs across the Asian Region last year. In 2006, 83 percent of TVs sold in Asia were conventional TVs, a figure that is predicted to slip to 75 percent in 2007.

"The future is certainly bright for LCD screens in Asia. We expect that LCD TVs to continue a strong advance in 2007 and see a regional growth rate of 72 percent for volumes in the year ahead," says Steven Kaiser, commercial director of consumer electronics, GfK Asia.
Markets such as the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam that had seen relatively low LCD TV volumes in 2005 exhibited robust increases in 2006, as the product gained a solid foothold throughout the Asian Region. Further evidence of the product's vitality is seen in China, where more than four million LCD TVs were reported sold at Chinese retailers in 2006. The number is forecast to reach eight million units in 2007.

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