NAM Heralds Comprehensive Energy Strategy
Feb 16, 2007
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The National Association of Manufacturers today unveiled a comprehensive, forward-looking energy strategy, “Energy Security for American Competitiveness,” designed to diversify the nation's energy mix and lay a foundation for meeting the nation’s energy needs in the future.
 “As Congress struggles with these issues, the NAM provides a clear checklist of what must be done to ensure affordable supplies, future development and greater efficiency,” says John Engler, NAM president.

The “Energy Security for American Competitiveness” proposal provides a blueprint of action items for Congress that:
●    Set goals for U.S. energy efficiency
●    Raise energy intelligence of the American public
●    Strengthen research and development projects
●    Streamline existing statutes and regulations
●    Increase our nation's electricity generation
●    Diversify and increases domestic energy supply

According to the Energy Information Administration, U.S. Energy production will increase by 27 percent over the next 25 years. “However our energy consumption is forecast to grow by 34 percent during that time – leaving the United States more dependent on energy imports and vulnerable to higher energy prices,” asserts Engler.
“I urge each lawmaker who is serious about keeping American competitive to address the issues we have outlined today and support legislation advancing the components of this strategy,” says Engler.

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