Fuel-Cell Based Generator Displayed at Fuel Cell Expo ‘07
Feb 12, 2007
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Power Air Corporation completed a three day demonstration of its Zinc Air Fuel Cell ("ZAFC") powered indoor generator prototype, as well as introduced the design prototype produced by its Asian Joint Venture partner, H-Plus Eco Ltd., at the Fuel Cell Expo 2007 in Tokyo, Japan.

The fuel-cell based generator demonstration unit is powered by Power Air's ZAFC running on zinc fuel, which is non-flammable and non-explosive. Because there are no harmful emissions, Power Air's generator has the unique and exclusive advantage of being able to run indoors without the fear of carbon monoxide poisoning to the end user. The company emphasized these advantages by running the demonstration in a center stage seminar at the Fuel Cell Expo.

Near term applications for the indoor capable generator range from backup power for apartments, homes and businesses during power outages, to emergency power use for police, fire, homeland security, and disaster recovery.


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