Honeywell Obtains Judgment Against Chinese Refrigerant Supplier Over R-410a
Feb 8, 2007
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A court in Duesseldorf, Germany ordered Zhejiang Fluorescence Chemical Co., Ltd., to refrain from offering, selling, owning, or importing the refrigerant R-410A for use in air-conditioning or heat pump applications.

Honeywell International (Morris Township, New Jersey, U.S.) went to court to stop such actions as part of its campaign to prevent infringement of its intellectual property portfolio worldwide. Honeywell had obtained a preliminary injunction in October from the court in Duesseldorf to stop companies from offering for sale infringing R-410A at IKK 2006, a trade show for the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry held in Nuremberg, Germany. Zhejiang Fluorescence was identified as an infringer at the show.

As a part of the latest court order, the defendant faces fines of up to 250,000 euros (approx U.S. $325,000) or imprisonment for any repeated offense. The defendant also was ordered to render an accounting of its infringing activity since Aug. 18, 2002, and must pay Honeywell for past and future damages as well as Honeywell’s costs for bringing the lawsuit.

“Honeywell takes infringement of its intellectual property very seriously,” said David Diggs, global business director for Honeywell’s refrigerants business. “We have invested substantial resources to develop and commercialize our innovative refrigerant technology."

Honeywell said it invented and patented R-410A and its use in air-conditioning and other applications and said it has become a globally accepted standard for use in new residential and light-commercial air conditioning systems.

Zhejiang Fluorescence, originally Dongyang Chemical Plant, is a Sino-American cooperative producer of fluoric chemicals in China’s Zhejiang Province.

In addition to R-410A, Honeywell has patents relating to other refrigerants, including R-404A, R-408A, R-507, R-236fa, and 245fa.

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