Turkish Vending Association Joins EVA
Jun 15, 2006
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The Turkish Vending Association (OID), organized with the support of the European Vending Association (EVA) in the last half of 2005, has officially joined the EVA. Membership was approved at the latest EVA executive committee meeting in Brussels.

"We have always admired and appreciated the contributions and accomplishments of EVA in the European Vending Business," said OID President Ali Karag├╝lle. "Impressed as we were by their achievements we have decided to build up a similar body in Turkey and be a member of EVA in order to improve the infant vending business with a right guide."

"It is excellent for vending that another national association exists. It provides a professional support to operators in Turkey," said EVA Director Catherine Piana. "On the one hand, the Turkish association will benefit from the experience of the EVA and its 16 national associations network, on the other hand the EVA will benefit from the dynamism and creativity of the Turkish association."

OID has 14 members and is online at www.oid.org.tr.

The European Vending Association is online at www.eva.be.

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