China Adopts Networking Standard for Home Appliances
Jan 25, 2007
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China's National Development and Reform Commission approved a national standard for the home appliance industry, QB/T2836-2006: General Requirements for Network Appliance.  The standards is said to have been largely drafted by Chinese appliance and consumer electronics maker Haier Group.

The new standard will be published by China Light Industry Press and is scheduled to go into effect on Aug. 1, 2007.

According to Haier, six standards drafted by its Network Appliance Standardization Division have been submitted to the Standardization Administration of China for examination and approval and are hoped to eventually be adopted as industry standards.  These include:

  • Regulation of Home Media Center Devices
  • Regulation of Residential Gateway Devices
  • Technical Regulation of Home Digital Proprietary Rights Management

Haier said seven network appliance standards it developed have been adopted as industry standards. 

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