Cooking Behavior Driven by Incompatible Mega-Trends
Jan 22, 2007
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Consumers' attitudes still largely favor cooking meals from scratch (52 percent of European dinner occasions and 44 percent in the U.S.).  Increasingly, consumers aspire to alter their day-to-day cooking behavior reflect this preference. Still, the overall trend continues to be a move away from traditional cooking to convenience options.  These are the conclusions of a Datamonitor report, Changing Cooking Behaviors & Attitudes: Beyond Convenience.

Continuing to fuel the desire for timesaving, easy meal solutions: fragmenting mealtimes, the erosion of basic cooking skills and a desire to use free time for other activities. Cooking skills may be on the rise, however, the report indicated.  Younger consumers associate cooking skills with the "new cool" and are seeing signs of a "renaissance."

The report said consumer meal choices and food preparation behavior result from tension between the three mega-trends of convenience, health and sensory indulgence. Solutions that address all three areas, such as the emergent meal assembly industry will be well placed to benefit.

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