InRob Moves into Consumer Robotics
May 31, 2006
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InRob Tech Ltd. (Yavne, ISRAEL), a maker of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), intends to leverage its robots technology to establish a line of robotic consumer products.

Working with consumer products manufacturers as partners, InRob will develop and integrates telerobotics technology to add autonomy, mobility and control to consumer applications.

"As robotic technologies have increasingly made their way into consumer products, domestic robots will become a commonplace part of our lives over the next decade," said InRob's Development Manager Shimon Shamai. "InRob will apply its wealth of knowledge and experience to drive forward in the next revolution of the robotics industry -- consumer robotics."

Consumer robotics offers the potential for home automation/domestic service robots, robotic floor care appliances, home security robots, entertainment robots, intelligent mobile toys, and robots that assist the disabled and elderly in the home.

Consumer Robotics Poised for Growth
InRob said some analysts compare the consumer robotic industry to the early PC market, and pointed out a UN Economic Commission for Europe report that projected 4.1 million robots will be doing jobs in consumer homes by the end of 2007.

In addition, the U.S.-based Consumer Electronics Association called consumer robotics one of the five Technologies to Watch in 2006.

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