Sony Develops New High Definition Creation Technology
May 31, 2006
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Sony Corporation announced "Digital Reality Creation Multifunction v2.5 (DRC-MFv2.5)." This has evolved from the original "DRC" video processing technology that realized the creation of real High Definition (HD) video. This new technology can create the optimal real 1080 progressive (1080p) HD images from various types of digital input available in the digital broadcast era.

The new creation technology "DRC-MFv2.5" can realize the following features by further improvement of "Digital Mapping" to reduce noise and the creation of real HD images.

Improvement of real HD signal creation to make video objects "close to real." "DRC-MFv2.5" can create more real, stable HD signals by further improvement of resolution, reality and visual depth creation performance, and new robust signal processing for various kinds of HD signals.

It allows for creation of sharp and real progressive signals. "DRC-MFv2.5" can realize a big improvement of the vertical resolution and reality of high-speed video images by the direct creation of real 1080p signals from ordinary HD signals.

Sometimes current digital HD broadcast programs include 1080 interlace (1080i) HD signals converted from standard definition signals. These signals have different characteristics from the original 1080i HD signals. "DRC-MFv2.5" can realize the maximum performance of full HD displays by optimizing various HD signals.

This technology is planned to be sequentially adopted in high definition flat TVs such as the BRAVIA series.

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