Lincoln Fast Bake Impinger Ovens: 4-Minute Pizza
Jan 19, 2007
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Lincoln Foodservice Products introduced today the Fast Bake™ Impinger Oven, featuring a patent-pending airflow technology that reduces baking times by 30 percent and cooks many pizza types in four minutes.

According to the company, Lincoln’s Fast Bake ovens mean less waiting time for busy consumers and hungry diners. For restaurant owners and operators, Lincoln Fast Bake provides consistent, high-quality baking results in shorter times, increasing kitchen throughput in peak times and contributing to higher sales and low cost. Owners and operators who cook pizza regularly praise the 4-minute pizza results for speed and bake quality.

Lincoln Fast Bake Impinger Ovens use a combination of hot air under pressure that literally surrounds foods, increasing the level of heat transfer to food and reducing cook times. When installed in a typical pizza operation, Fast Bake can increase baking capacity by as much as 15 to 30 percent among the full range of baked menu items, tackling an issue faced by pizza operators: the need for high-volume, high-quality production. In addition to increased capacity, the technology reduces utility costs by lowering energy usage and reducing patron wait time.

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