Services for Siemens, BenQ Siemens mobile phones guaranteed
Jan 19, 2007
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Siemens and BenQ Corp. have reached agreement on the continuation of warranty services for mobile phones sold under the brand names “Siemens” and “BenQ Siemens.” BenQ Corp. has commissioned B2X Care Solutions GmbH to continue services for mobile phones of either brand. Siemens is supporting this agreement. Sales partners and end customers can thus continue to use the existing channels in case of claims. The long-term agreement has been valid since the beginning of January 2007.

Within the framework of this agreement, B2X is taking over the warranty services for sales partners and end customers in Europe, Russia and Latin America. The warranty claims of Asian customers will be dealt with directly by BenQ Corp. To guarantee the provision of services for mobile phones, Siemens has agreed with BenQ Corp. to use the payments originally due in December.

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