Consumers Show Interest in a Range of Wireless Applications
Jan 18, 2007
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Various new and emerging wireless applications have caught the attention of American consumers, according to recent research conducted by Ipsos Insight. However, many consumers will seriously consider these emerging wireless applications only if they are compelling enough to break through device and communications overload, as well as budgetary constraints. At the same time, consumers appear less concerned that a given wireless application will perform up to expectations.
Ipsos Insight recently surveyed over 1,000 online adults on their awareness, use and interest regarding a range of specific wireless
device-application combinations, focusing primarily on notebook PCs and mobile phones. By design, these wireless device-application combinations emphasized newer and emerging features and options.
Respondents were asked whether they had used each of the applications in the last 30 days, and whether they would seriously consider using each in the future. Their future consideration was spread fairly broadly across web connectivity, communications and content applications, and across the PC and mobile device platforms.
Neither the PC nor the mobile phone dominated consideration of these emerging wireless applications. The most popular options were WiFi web surfing on a notebook PC and emailing or instant messaging on a mobile phone. Also, while future consideration was higher than past-30-day use for all of these fairly new or emerging applications, untapped interest was particularly high for GPS applications on mobile devices.

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