Molteni Comes to Washington D.C.
May 25, 2006
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The first commercial Molteni range in the area will come to Washington, D.C., in June with the opening of the Blue Duck Tavern. The range featured in the contemporary neighborhood restaurant was crafted over 6 weeks in Saint Vallier, France, with a high level of attention to detail.

Molteni is one of the three U.S. lines of Electrolux Professional, Inc., part of the Electrolux Group and headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S. Other lines are Electrolux and Electrolux Dito.

About the Molteni
Electrolux says the Molteni is regarded as an outstanding range in European kitchens and symbolizes a superior level of culinary culture. It is designed to be an "ergonomic wonder" that maximizes control and facilitates kitchen efficiency. The entire surface can be used to cook with small and large pots, offering multiple cooking positions. In addition, pots and pans are slid onto different temperature zones so the chef does not need to operate controls to constantly adjust heat.

The Blue Duck Tavern features an open kitchen with a staff pantry and a glass-enclosed wine cellar. The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant and meant to be seen and experienced.

The range made for the Blue Duck Tavern features a design unique to the restaurant, created through an exchange of ideas among restaurant designer Tony Chi, Executive Chef Brian McBride and Molteni craftsmen. Collaboratively they defined the restaurant concept, the chef’s requirements and cooking style and the capabilities of the range. Designers and 12 craftsmen then constructed a custom range for the Blue Duck Tavern. The range has stainless cooking surfaces and a cobalt blue lacquer enamel finish, adding visual appeal to the dramatic restaurant setting.

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