Philips Expands Patient Monitoring Capabilities
May 25, 2006
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Royal Philips Electronics announced that healthcare providers have purchased more than 100,000 Philips IntelliVue patient monitors worldwide.

The monitors capture data from multiple sources and present it in clinically relevant ways to help clinicians make treatment choices at the point of care. The units include built-in clinical decision support tools.

It recently launched SureSigns VM vitals signs monitors, designed with intuitive navigation and bright, simplified display options for exceptional ease of use in a wide variety of care environments.

The newest release of Philips CareVue Chart clinical information system offers clinical decision support in the form of clinical advisories. The system compiles virtually every element of the patient's accumulated clinical data - vital signs, medications, demographics, lab results, calculations, and orders. It evaluates all data as it comes in, and when a combination of events warrants attention, the system issues a clinical advisory that can be sent out to physicians' and nurses' pagers for quick notification.

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