Apple iPhone to Impact Mobile Content Trade
Jan 15, 2007
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Apple's new iPhone with handheld computer capability will create a huge impact on trade in games, music, images, and video, says, a global online marketplace for mobile content. says the convergence of phone and computer functions on one mobile device will help tear down many of the barriers currently preventing content producers and consumers from direct dealings. The Web site says that this restriction has been one of the biggest impediments to growth in mobile content.

According to, content creators trading on Web sites will enjoy a significantly larger market as mobile users adopt the converging technology. As other manufacturers follow the iPhone precedent, the company expects a flood of interest from consumers waking up to the fact that it will be possible to see and do anything on their mobile phones.

The Web site feels the biggest advantage consumers will receive will be the ability to deal directly with content originators, rather than content that is dictated by one big supplier. Furthermore, the multitude of content providers will result in competitive pricing, as the content market opens up across different platforms and applications.

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