Siemens Unveils New HiDefinition Dishwasher
May 23, 2006
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Siemens newest hiDefinition(TM) dishwasher models for the U.S. and Canada are equipped with additional specialty cycles and features. The line now combines Auto Wash(TM) and xPress(TM) features to clean dishes and leave them 99.9 percent bacteria-free.

Auto Wash varies cycle time, water and energy usage and wash temperature, while xPress reduces wash cycle time by 30 percent for consumers who pre-rinse dishes. The Sanitizer option may be used with any of the main wash cycles to yield dishes that are 99.9 percent bacteria-free.

During washing, the dishwasher uses hydroSensor(TM) to measure water clarity and determine the necessity of an additional drain and fill cycle. In addition, it uses Tri-step filtration - a system that filters all the water and prevents the redeposit of particles. Unlike drying systems that use unclean air drawn off the kitchen's rear wall, Siemens said it uses "clean" heat to dry the dishes to germ-free perfection.

Among other new features are ultra silent operation, a 19-hour delayStart(TM) feature, additional half-flip flipdown rows in the upper rack, new LED status light indicator, and child-lock controls.

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