On Location at CES: Whirlpool Launches CE Fridge Dock
Jan 10, 2007
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APPLIANCE magazine was on-hand for the Monday opening of the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which included the unveiling Whirlpool's centralpark™ connector. This concept product intends to make the most of the kitchen's inherent efficiency by providing a plug-and-play platform for consumer electronics devices on the home’s most-touched appliance, the refrigerator.

“We believe the centralpark port is a critical and logical link for consumer electronics and home appliances working together on a platform consumers want,” said David Swift, president of Whirlpool North America.

Whirlpool said the unit will help clear up countertops in American homes, which it sees as cluttered with CE devices like digital picture frames, DVD players, satellite radios, cell phones, and MP3 players.  The centralpark dock lets consumers use these devices in the kitchen at eye level, while charging them.

Whirlpool said the devices are easily installed or removed, allowing centralpark connector-enabled refrigerators to keep their familiar facade when not in use as an electronics hub. The first of the devices will be available in late 2007, with a large-scale retail rollout planned for Spring 2008.

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