On Location at CES: Focus on Formats Pt. 1 – Blu-ray vs. HD DVD
Jan 8, 2007
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APPLIANCE magazine was in Las Vegas for the 2nd day of media-only previews of the latest consumer electronics technology, which will be introduced to the industry when the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show officially opens on Monday, January 8.

Next-Generation DVD Developments

The battle continues over the two competing next-generation DVD format, and many in the industry acknowledge that the nascent market is suffering as a result. On Sunday, the conflict remained largely unaddressed by industry players.  Blu-ray DVD format proponents like Pioneer and HD DVD supporters such as Toshiba held to their positions, assuring journalists that they are committed to the formats they've allied themselves with and have no plans of changing course.

Not so LG Electronics, which opened the Sunday-morning press sessions with what will be one of the most talked-about product launches of this CES: the Super Multi Blue Player (pictured) will be the first player on the market that can play both next-generation disc formats, Blu-ray and HD DVD.

It's good news for consumers, who have been more confused than excited by new high-definition DVD formats that launched in 2006.

LG, until now, was firmly in the Blu-ray camp, and LG President and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Hee Gook Lee told the CES press gathering that the company remains committed to Blu-ray as its next-gen DVD format of choice.

On the other end of the spectrum is Thomson/RCA, which told media at its press event that it was putting its next-gen DVD player efforts on hold.

"We've been in the market over the last several months with an RCA HD DVD player…and we have sold out," said Thomson General Manager of Audio/Video, Dwight Sakuma. "Right now, though, we have no plans to market an HD DVD or Blu-ray product in 2007—until we feel there is better clarity about which format consumers prefer."

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