Philips Unveils Diamond-Encrusted Ambilight FlatTV
Jan 8, 2007
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Philips Electronics unveiled a diamond-encrusted Ambilight™ FlatTV™ celebrating its 1 millionth Ambilight FlatTV. Created in conjunction with New York–based jewelry company A.Link, the 42-inch Ambilight LCD HDTV features 225 carats of diamonds - close to 2,250 individual diamonds are applied along the sides and edges of the set’s Ambilight frame, adding a whole new dimension to the Ambilight feature.

Celebrating the 1 millionth Ambilight FlatTV, the Diamond FlatTV will be shown at different events around the world to Philips customers, employees and consumers and is one-of-a-kind and will not be available for retail.

Ambilight backlighting technology transforms the overall viewing experience by surrounding the TV with ambient light that automatically adapts in color and intensity according to the changing content on the screen, resulting in a completely immersive experience.

A.Link provided the diamonds as well as its century-old expertise in helping create this one-off special edition Ambilight FlatTV. The set features 225 carats and close to 2,250 diamonds set into a graceful stylized floral pattern around the edges of the TV, and will tour the world in 2007 to mark this important milestone for Philips.

Providing consumers an award-winning, immersive viewing experience Introduced by Philips in 2004, Ambilight creates ambiance, stimulates more relaxed viewing and improves perceived picture detail, contrast and color. Originally introduced on the left and right sides of the FlatTV, the award-winning Ambilight technology can be found in two-, three- and four-sided (Full Surround) LCD and Plasma models.

The set is not available for consumer purchase and will be auctioned off to charity later in 2007.

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