GE Introduces Laptop-Size Ultrasound Systems
May 16, 2006
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GE is introducing four new clinically specialized ultrasound systems to address healthcare providers' growing demand for sophisticated, real-time imaging at the point of care. GE's Compact Series is line of ultrasound products that places the power and imaging capabilities of a high-performance, 400-pound system into a laptop-size design.

The compact series builds upon GE's successful introduction of Vivid i in 2005, a high-performance cardiovascular ultrasound system in a compact design. Blending image quality and portability with clinical applications, reporting tools and a user interface designed specifically for cardiac imaging, Vivid i has been rapidly adopted by the medical community.

The series is now expanded to include the Voluson i and LOGIQ i systems--each "i" product is designed to bring specialized, console-quality imaging performance and portability to traditional applications. Voluson i is designed for Obstetrics and Gynecology applications, while the LOGIQ i will serve the general imaging needs of Radiology. The company's "e" products focus on expanding ultrasound's reach to new clinical areas. The new LOGIQ e was uniquely designed with the speed requirements and imaging applications to support real-time clinical decisions in Emergency and Surgical settings. GE's new Vivid e provides a dedicated cardiac ultrasound imaging solution for the Physician Office in a practical, easy to use design.

GE's Voluson i, LOGIQ e and Vivid e systems are FDA cleared and will become commercially available in the U.S. in June 2006. LOGIQ i is also FDA cleared with plans for commercial introduction in September 2006. Vivid i received FDA clearance in 2004 and was commercially available in early 2005.

With the introduction of its Compact Series, GE expects to double its compact ultrasound business--delivering more than 5,000 compact Vivid(TM), LOGIQ(TM) and Voluson(R) ultrasound systems worldwide in 2006.

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