Samsung Makes Investment in Austin
May 5, 2003
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Samsung Electronics, the world's largest maker of computer memory chips, said it has decided to invest U.S. $500 million in its Austin production line to upgrade its facilities and refine chip-making technologies. Samsung Austin Semiconductor L.P. is one of the most advanced semiconductor fabrication plants in the world. Samsung Austin produces dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips--most commonly used in personal computers, workstations and servers.

The half-billion dollar 3-year investment is the largest industrial investment in Austin since Samsung built its $1.4 billion plant in 1996 and the second largest foreign investment in the state of Texas in 2 years. The investment would mean a large increase in the South Korean chipmaker's facility's capacity and insure that the plant will be competitive in the coming years, Samsung said. Samsung Austin represents about 10 percent of Samsung's chip-making capacity. About 17 percent of the investment will be in upgrading the physical plant and a little more than $400 million will be channeled to equipment upgrades. (Korea Herald)

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