Japan White Goods Shipments Increase in 2005
Apr 25, 2006
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Shipments of white goods in Japan in fiscal 2005 increased 2.5 percent to 1.4 trillion yen (approx. U.S. $12.2 billion) compared to the prior-year period. The Japan Electrical Manufacturer's Association (JEMA) said the industry increase was the second consecutive one for the region.

The increase reflects a 12.5-percent increase to 271.1 billion yen (approx. $2.4 billion) in sales of washing machines due to robust demand for washer-dryers, JEMA said.

Sales of cooking heaters increased 25.4 percent to 82.5 billion yen (approx. $720.5 million), registering double-digit growth for the second straight year. In contrast, sales of refrigerators and vacuum cleaners remained almost unchanged.

In March alone, regional shipments of white goods increased 0.5 percent from a year before to 137.4 billion yen (approx. $1.2 billion), marking the first growth in 2 months.

For the month, sales of washing machines increased 9.0 percent, up for the 15th consecutive month. Cooking heater sales increased 21.1 percent, the association said. (Jiji Press)

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