Samsung Introduces Popcon Refrigerator
Apr 13, 2006
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Samsung Electronics introduces its Popcon (Popular Convergence) Refrigerator. The 24 cubic foot refrigerator, to be released in the fall of 2006, features a detachable 10.4 inch wireless Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD, allowing it to serve as both a dedicated food storage appliance and a family information center.

The refrigerator incorporates Samsung LCD technology to facilitate family activities in one appliance. The LCD screen is touch sensitive, allowing families to navigate functions and find information through simple on-screen buttons. The LCD incorporates a digital schedule and calendar to highlight important dates and appointments as well as a digital memo pad. The unit can also be used to leave family messages in voice or text form. A stylus pen is included to handwrite messages for a more personal touch.

Families can track and organize both fresh products and leftovers with a system of food management functions. The touch screen features a Detail Memo function and provides users with information on optimal food storage based on category. The refrigerator can also be set to remember expiration dates for different products and can generate on-screen alerts when items are too old to eat.

The refrigerator also adds entertainment to the kitchen. The digital wireless LCD TV screen features an auto setting system and displays programming. A high-quality sound system with two speakers ensures robust sound from both TV programs, and from the built-in digital FM radio. The unit is detachable, so it can be conveniently placed wherever a TV is needed temporarily, or used at a desk or table for in depth family scheduling and kitchen organization.

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