Salton Signs Agreement to License New Grilling Technology
Apr 7, 2006
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Salton, Inc. entered an agreement with Omachron Science Inc. and Cropley Holdings Ltd. and acquired exclusive rights to proprietary technology enabling Salton to manufacture and market a line of indoor and/or outdoor portable grills.

The technology utilizes a hydrogen flame in combination with electric heat. The grills plug into a household outlet and utilize water and an electrolysis process to create a small, but intense, clean-burning hydrogen flame. Salton said the result is a barbeque experience without the harmful emissions associated with charcoal or propane, thus making it ideal for use indoors.

The product was demonstrated under non-disclosure agreements at the recent International Housewares Show. "Two Foreman grills using this revolutionary technology are targeted to be released in early 2007," said Leon Dreimann, CEO of Salton.

Wayne Conrad, inventor and chief scientist at Omachron Science Inc., commented "Our new technology efficiently and reliably generates hydrogen on demand. I am pleased that it allows Salton to introduce an exciting line of hydrogen-flame grills which bring the flavor and experience of outdoor barbequing indoors."

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