Sony Digital Reading Device On Sale at Borders
Apr 4, 2006
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Sony Electronics' reading device for e-books and documents, Sony Reader, will be sold at 200 Borders bookstores throughout the U.S. The Sony Reader will also sell at more than 30 Sony Style stores and at

Borders customers will also be able to buy prepaid cards redeemable online for e-books at the Sony Connect service, which will offer trade fiction and non-fiction e-books from major and independent publishers at prices competitive with books offered in stores.

"In addition to e-books, the Sony Connect service will offer Borders customers who buy the Sony Reader access to a broad selection of web content in the form of blogs, news feeds and online magazines," said Lee Shirani, vice president of Sony CONNECT Inc. "Reading enthusiasts can now join the ranks of other digital media consumers to read their text content - e-books and Internet content - portably, anytime, anywhere."

Borders stores, including some airport locations, will be outfitted with custom-designed display fixtures to enable customers to learn about the device firsthand and experience reading with its high-contrast, high-resolution electronic paper display. The device couples an electronic paper display with a lightweight, compact form factor, designed to allow users to carry as much as they want to read. The unit is roughly the size of a paperback novel, but thinner than most at about ½ inch (12.7 mm), the device can store hundreds of books and other documents using a combination of internal flash memory and optional Memory Stick® or Secure Digital (SD) flash memory cards.

The Reader can also store and display personal documents in Adobe PDF format as well as JPEG photos. With a battery life of approximately 7,500 page turns, Sony says avid readers can read a dozen bestsellers without ever having to recharge.

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