Sony Halts PlayStation Production
Mar 27, 2006
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Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) stopped production on the original PlayStation game console in anticipation of the next generation console, the PlayStation 3 (PS3). The original PlayStation sold more than 100 million units worldwide since its launch in 1994. The PlayStation 2 remains in production.

Sony (Tokyo) announced last week that it will introduce the PlayStation 3 in November 2006. Sony plans a large-scale launch in Japan, North America and Europe simultaneously, and says it will have monthly production capacity of one million units by November. It anticipates having a strong lineup of PS3 game titles in place for the launch.

The new game console uses the Blu-ray Disc DVD format, with a storage capacity of and with the up to 50 gigabytes (GB), giving it a large storage capacity for games, movies and other digital entertainment.

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